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  11:54:00   13.06.2016  -  Свободни работни места
Party 2013Ако вие сте енергични, учите бързо, адаптирате  се лесно към динамична работна среда, умеете да рaботите в екип и имате желание за работа при нас може да се обадите на телефон за контакт:
0884 263 061 virginia.Payakova@composite-x.com.
For Dealers / Sales contact Olga Isinova  +359 886190033  olga.isinova@composite-x.com
For Accounting / за счетоводство  + 359 882472279 petiagencheva@composite-x.com
Za TRZ = +359 888 928512 petya.mihova@composite-x.com

  13:38:00   16.07.2014  -  Dannomite.
DannomiteComposite X is the proud producer of Dannomite. Dannomite is the next generation brand of climbing hold material.
Important characteristics as Abraision resistance, durability, strength, colour all contribute to the success of Dannomite.

  11:16:00   09.06.2014  -  Welcome to Composite X.
DanchoOur company specialises in Polyester and Polyurethane castings. We are the worlds largest producer of artificial climbing holds.